Monday, April 30, 2012

The Ministry of Motherhood

Hey, mommas!!!  I’m Jane, child of the King.  And because I’m His and because He gave me kids, I have been called to the ministry of motherhood.  And what a ministry He has given!  I am a full-time, all the time, no day off children’s minister.  It’s a volunteer position, though it does include room & board.  And I have to say, the benefits are very rewarding!

But truth be told, I’m finding that it’s easy to lose sight of the ministry aspect of motherhood.  It’s hard to feel like I’m doing actual, productive, holy, righteous ministry when I change the poopy diapers, or clean up the spit up, or disinfect the accident from not quite making it to the potty (even though I asked her 400 times if she had to go), or stop the screaming tug-of-war match over the MagnaDoodle, or fold the 9,000th load of laundry.  It’s easy to feel bogged in the job.  The house you cleaned during naptime will get dirty again, behind that clean diaper is one more round of stinky blessing to change, there’s always one more spill, and one more thing to do over again without your kids ever even acknowledging that you worked your tail off today…for them.  And you didn’t mind the work too much because you love them, but you sure feel tired.  However despite your exhaustion, you are thrilled about those mommy perks!  You love to pucker up for kisses, squeeze tightly for hugs, read the same book over and over again, sing favorite songs, and snuggle!!!  But, at the end of the day, you’re spent.  And you feel pressured to hurry up and sleep because tomorrow holds exactly the same thing.  Truthfully, you’re even feeling too tired to wonder if they saw Jesus in you today.

Surviving sometimes seems like the name of the game in motherhood.  As you lay in bed, you ask yourself if it was a good day.  And you tell yourself that it was, since all the children survived and you are not dead yet; so, yeah, that’s a good day.

But to be honest with you, I’m ashamed of that mentality in myself.  Sure, as wives and mothers, we have jobs that have to be done and responsibilities we have to deal with, which really are exhausting.  But as the resident children’s ministers in our homes, we should never be more concerned about the home maintenance than we are about sharing the gospel with our kids.

The responsibility is huge and our burden should be great.  Are we grieving the lostness of our own children?  God has lately renewed in me the calling to share the gospel daily in my home, not just once but repeatedly.   Does your child understand that disobedience is sin?  They should.  Do they know the penalty for their sin?  They should.  Do they know about the sinless One Who came to pay for it?  They should.  Do they know how to have a really real change of heart?  They should.

And it is your primary responsibility to tell them.

God did not give you your children as lovely accessories, as hobbies, as annoyances, or as road blocks, which I know you know.  He gave you children in order that you might glorify Him in your mothering and that you might raise them to be adults who live to glorify God in all they do.

In Titus 2:3-5, the older women are told to encourage the younger women to “love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, SO THAT THE WORD OF GOD WILL NOT BE DISHONORED.” (Emphasis mine.)

Do not dishonor God’s Word in your home.  You work and serve and labor and clean and bathe and launder in your home because God has called you to teach eternal things to your kids.  Work in your home to His glory!  And don’t let a day go by that your kids don’t know what Jesus did for them.  He has to be the priority of your service. And hey, who really cares if instead of dusting the living room or unloading the dishwasher or mopping the kitchen, you tell your kid about the time you asked Jesus in your heart?  The house can wait…it will wait…it should wait.

So, whether your pregnant, potty training, coaching t-ball, or teaching to drive, welcome to the glorious ministry of motherhood!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

my raspberry road

Well, this is it.  My blog.  I have a blog.  And, not only do I have one, but you're actually reading it.  I think this makes me an author now.

My heart here is simply to share my heart.  I don't have life's answers, but I know Who does.  And truth be told, I'm just laboring to rest in His more-than-capable hands as I journey on the path He has me on...on my Raspberry road.